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Firstname Surname Message Class Club Sponsorship Link
Richard Barnes BBUST2 Sydney University Canoe Club Sponsor
Elizabeth van Reece Going for 19th Classic finish, if all goes well. Please sponsor and support such an import cause once again for both the Arrow Foundation and me. May it be a good night on the river. Happy paddling and lot of it!! LV+K1 Newy Paddlers Sponsor
Frank Kingma V++TC1 Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club Sponsor
Shantal Kiefner - - Sponsor
Mark Glendenning - - Sponsor
Wenceslaus (Wennie) van Lint Just trying to prove the theory that as you get older muscel memeory kicks in. So sitting down to the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic again, on 27th/October at 16:40. Hope you can support my effort with a donation to the Arrow Bone Marrow Research Foundation. V+++TK1 Fairfield Vic Canoe Club Sponsor
Marg Cook MxV++LRec2 Central Coast Canoe Club Sponsor
Rob Cook MxV++LRec2 Central Coast Canoe Club Sponsor
Eric RAVIER - Sponsor
Naomi Johnson Two sisters, one K2, 111km of river and eyes fixed on a tricky record. It's going to be one heck of a night! Lane Cove River Kayakers Sponsor
David Sorensen My favourite event of the year, so much hard work and rewarding fun. This year it's no race as I am paddling with others from our local club and aiming to really enjoy it to the fullest. VSUP1 Newy Paddlers Sponsor
Rod Clark Racing my home built TR17 TC1 which I designed with Tony Bond. V+TC1 Echuca/Moama Canoe Club Sponsor
Justin Quinn VORS1 Newy Paddlers Sponsor
Rob Larney BBUST2 - Sponsor
Robbie Larney - - Sponsor
Patrick Wynne First time Hawkesbury Classic! Looking forward to participating and raising money for such a worthwhile cause. \ m / OSUP1 - Sponsor
Nicki Day I WILL FINISH LVSUP1 Newy Paddlers Sponsor
Paul David Smith BBUST1 - Sponsor
Mike Keyte Finished 1994 - - Sponsor
James Suthern - - Sponsor
Ceara Clark - - Sponsor
Brodie Cambourne My club is Makai but i couldn't find it on the list VORS1 - Sponsor
Roy Cantrell - - Sponsor
Mark Hempel Lane Cove River Kayakers Sponsor
Ian Vaile V+LRec1 NSW Sea Kayak Club Sponsor
Matthew McCauley BBUST2 Duval / Drummond Smithcollege Armidale Sponsor
Paul Murphy BBUST2 Duval / Drummond Smithcollege Armidale Sponsor
Stuart Mathieson My first HCC in a new (to us) C2. BorB this year to see if we can make it, maybe C2 next year for a time ;) Please help us raise money for a good cause, and to get to the end! - - Sponsor
Matt Hayes - - Sponsor
Anya Zuber - - Sponsor
Will Winter - - Sponsor
Ruby Ardren I've done five, now it's time to try it in a K1! Lane Cove River Kayakers Sponsor
James Terpening Chihuahua Canoe Club - Small but bold - Sponsor
Kevin wallis - Sponsor