Entry System

  • New System

    This is the entry system for the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and the Wisemans Dash. If you entered in 2017 then select ‘Returning User’ and log in using the same email address. Remember, you can reset your password if you have forgotten it. .

  • Your personal details

    Your email address is used to identify you in the system. This means that you cannot share an email address with another paddler. Click here for information on how to set up a free email account if you need one.

  • Your craft details

    If you are paddling alone, or the first to enter a multi-paddler craft (we will call you a paddling team leader), then you will need to supply your profile details and some information about your craft.

  • Your team details

    Paddling team leaders will need to supply the email address(es) of their team, and we will email them and ask them to complete their details.

  • Paddler profiles

    All paddlers must complete a paddler profile before your entry can be accepted.

  • Land Crew details

    You will also be asked for your an email address for your land-crew, who in turn will be asked to register and provide their required details.